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Int'l Martial Arts Council of America
Welcome to IMAC

Welcome to the International Martial Arts Council of America, one of the premiere martial arts organizations uniting martial artists of all styles from around the globe. Created by martial artists for martial artists, the International Martial Arts Council of America (IMACUSA) is an organization dedicated to serving martial artists in all corners of the world.  

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Be a Black Belt Leader in Life

We believe being a black belt is MORE than just learning to punch and kick, or perform kata or self-defense.  We believe in helping our school owners and instructors to create Black Belt Leaders in Life, men and wome of integrity and good moral character who are leaders in their homes, businesses and communities.

Subscribe to the Black Belt Leadership Blog and receive FREE weekly leadership lessons and insights.  Use these lessons for your own personal development, share them with your leadership team, or incorporate into a weekly Mat Chat with your students.  At IMAC, we don't believe in simply raising up good black belts.  We encourage our school owners and instructors to help us raise up a generation of Black Belt Leaders in Life.
2022 IMACUSA National Training Camp
July 14-16, 2022

Each year, martial arts school owners, instructors, and students gather for 2-1/2 days of training, in one of the most diverse experiences ever as Master Instructors representing a broad cross-section of our global martial arts community share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with our Campers.  Everyone's a "white belt" as we are all there to learn from one another, to continue on our lifelong quest of continual improvement as a martial artist.  Professional development is also provided to school owners, as they work on the "business" side of their School.

San Antonio Hilton Airport
611 NW Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78216
(SAT Airport)
Leadership Insights
12-Month Leadership Newsletter

Enjoy 12 months of FREE leadership teaching content from Black Belt Leadership. IMACUSA is honored to have a uinque relatiionship with Black Belt Leadership, allowing us to share proven leadership insights with the global martial arts community. Delivered to your Inbox each month, you'll receive 12 months of personal and professional growth tips, insights, and teachings to develop yourself, as well as you staff and your students. Simply click on the Leadership Insights image to register for this FREE 12 month leadership subscription.
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