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Ultimate Sales Funnel

Business Development 101
Let's Talk Sales & Marketing

If you're like most school owners, you're brilliant at your craft.  You see yourself as a Teacher of the Arts, passing your wisdom on to future generations.  While that is part of what you do, that's not who you are.  You've not only got to MASTER Your Art, you've got to MASTER the Art of Running Your Business.  This is where far too many school owners are still white belt novices.

IMAC is committed to helping you make a more significant impact and grow your revenue at the same time. In this training series, we're going to get you thinking about how you attract, enroll, retain, and replliacate the type of student(s) you want for your school and the programs you offer.
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Grow Your Martial Arts School (Part 1)

In Session One, we challenge the conventional wisdom of how most school owners think about and run their martial arts school.
  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • How You Do It
  • Who's Your Audience (Student)
  • How Do You Attract Them
  • It's NOT About You
  • Creating Curosity About What You Do
Grow Your Martial Arts School (Part 2)

In Session Two, we build upon what we covered in Session One related to WHO your ideal target student is.
  • Why Should They Choose You
  • What Are Their Fears & Concerns
  • What Are Their Goals & Objectives
  • Surveying Your Current Students
  • Building Effective Marketing Messages
  • Speaking to Your Students in THEIR Voice
  • Identifying & Refining Your Niche
Personal and Professional Development Videos
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